Clippers gets trolled with savage movie poster meme by Shannon Sharpe

Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe took things to another notch. Via Twitter, he slammed the Los Angeles Clippers with a savage ‘Get Out’ movie poster.

Peep the photoshopped poster below inspired by the 2017 horror film directed by Jordan Peele. Note the text right on Patrick Beverley’s forehead: “Pat Bev trick y’all, man”

The Clippers have been getting the ribbing since blowing a 3-1 lead to the Denver Nuggets earlier this week. And from the looks of it, the criticisms won’t stop until the Clippers find a way to redeem themselves.

After all, many expected the team to at least make it to the NBA Finals this year. The acquisitions of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in the offseason seemed to turn them into a championship-caliber team. Here you have two of the best two-way players in the league, teaming up with a gritty and hungry squad who have already proven their worth. Not to mention that coaching squad comprised of Doc Rivers, Tyronn Lue, Sam Cassell, among others.

But their stunning exit from the playoffs has raised the eyebrows of many. Now, there are whispers among analysts and fans that say that the Clippers should either break the team up or boot out several players. Some even say that they should look for a new coach. It is ultimately up to the Clippers front office to make the call. But one thing is for certain: a simple tweak won’t be enough. An overhaul must be done in both the coaching staff and in the roster.

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