Chapter 17 : Shit Indeed

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“I thought she was joking about the wedding,” I look out of the car window to see the city at nighttime.

“It was true,” he affirmed.

“Why didn’t you tell that’s why you brought me there?”

“You didn’t need to know,” he shrugged.

“Of course I did. I would’ve been more prepared,” I muttered.

“You did enough,” he smiled.

“That means you’re not getting married to her anymore?”

Why did I ask that again?


I sighed and get my attention back to listening to Shawn Mendes.

“I’m going to get my notebook back now right?” I turn to face Ace with a huge smile. He is smiling slightly, but eyes fixed on the road as he drives.

“Ace? When am I getting it back?” My huge smile cut a little short.

“You’re giving it back right?”

He’s still not saying anything, just smiling along with driving. My smile completely disappears this time.

I swear if he doesn’t give it back-

“Why aren’t you talking?”

“What the hell? Hello human?” I wave my hand furiously making him chuckle softly. “Ugh,” I said from the back of my throat and fold my hands in front of my chest, looking out of the window.

“Do you know how to draw?”

I snap my head in His direction. All of a sudden why this question pop up in his head? “Yes, I do,” I answered.



“Because I’m not finished reading your diary yet, and I want to learn drawing and I feel like I found a teacher,” he glances over me then look in front again.

Smooth, real smooth

“I told you not to read it,” I rolled my eyes.

“I only read the first two pages,” he smirked, and my face heats up in embarrassment. All of them are embarrassing stories I collect there whenever something happens. “One says you stole a jar of Nutella and hide under your father’s closet. You didn’t have any spoon so you started eating Nutella like a hungry animal with hands. And when you needed to get out, you wiped your mouth and hands with your father’s shirt and blamed it to Chase,”

“Oh my god Ace you really read those?” I cry out and he chuckled.

Great. Now he knows my embarrassing stories.

“Will you stop reading those if I agree to teach you how to draw?” I offered.

“You will?” He asked and I nod my head immediately.

“Fine, but I’m still keeping it,” he smirked. “What are you going to do with it?” I groan in annoyance.

“What am doing right now,” he replied and I narrowed my eyes at him. “You’re going to pay for this,”

“I’m going to tell my father to kick your butt and get my notebook back,” I threatened and he laughed it off. “We’ll see about that later,” I rolled my eyes at his answer.

The rest of the ride, I listen to Shawn Mendes songs, Ace kept making rude remarks but didn’t turn the music off either. Maybe after what happened last time, he will never fight with me about music in the car.

When we’re finally here, Ace stopped the car and I get off. He rolled the window down and said bye. I said my bye and turn around to walk away only to stop dead on my track.

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