Vermont Takes A Step Closer To Legalization

In partnership with The Fresh Toast This week Vermont’s House and Senate negotiators reached a final agreement on S. 54, which is legislation that would legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis […]

The California Fires and Cannabis

In partnership with The Fresh Toast Yesterday, my Harris Bricken colleague Vince Sliwoski wrote a post entitled, “The Oregon Fires and Cannabis“. Given how fires have been ravaging California for […]

How To Use CBD To Relax and Recover

The CBD market is an up and coming industry that is here to stay and is becoming a normal part of our society. But many people are still left scratching […]

CBD 101: A Cheatsheet For Beginners

In partnership with The Fresh Toast CBD is everywhere, with most people having at least heard of it. Still, the majority of people don’t know how it works, only knowing […]