Cannabis company petition urges feds to extend insurance coverage to prescription pot

Hi Joe,

You are indeed correct that it requires many large and high quality studies. Cannalogue’s platform is actually designed not only to be a marketplace, but also a digital research engine that could conduct studies.

Cannalogue actually applied for a research licence to study medical cannabis and COVID19. Health Canada was looking to expedite the licence as well. The difficulty was in finding LPs with a) GMP certification and b) pre-clinical toxicology data.

A double-blind, randomized control trial with a large population would be ideal. A bioequivalent study of CBD oil vs something approved (Epidiolex) would the next best thing.

Cannalogue’s platform and protocols would reduce the costs significantly compared to the typical costs. University partners have also been arranged. The funding would come from sponsors or the government.

The challenge has been securing product with the requirements above.

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