Buying Used 2020 Macbook Pro

Hi All – looking for some advice from someone more tech-savvy than myself

I’m looking to buy the 2020 MacBook Pro, and my cousin is willing to sell hers to me at a $250 discount since she scratched hers (I don’t mind since I was going to use a case/stickers on mine). Only issue is hers is the i5/512gb/8gb, and I was considering buying the i5/256gb/16gb.

I thought memory is more important since I’ll have lots of programs open (browsing with 5-10 tabs and YouTube in the background, Microsoft office, iTunes/iMessage). I’m paying for this so I don’t want it to be slow in 4-5yrs.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe I need extra storage since I upload everything to Google Drive (main storage)/iCloud/USB, and don’t have many documents. All music will be streamed (not downloaded) on iTunes, and all my pictures are on iCloud. I don’t plan on downloading many programs, Office would be the largest one, and then 2-3 small programs.

Would 256gb be enough for me?
Is 16gb of storage more important? I prefer things being operating/switching between tasks faster

If storage would be more important, great, I save $250, but if memory is more important, I already saved to buy the i5/256gb/16gb.

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!

FYI – when she buys a new MacBook, she’s going to give me the free Airpods 2 that I could have gotten through the student discount.

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