Bringing Enhanced Learning To Students, Teachers, Parents Amidst COVID-19 Challenges

Introduction: With the advancement of the COVID-19 virus, our educational system has suffered in various ways during the pandemic. Teachers were called upon to provide instructional materials to children and their families. Online platforms, such as Zoom, were used to hold “class meetings” for a good number of families across the United States.

New Responsibilities Emerge

Parents held new responsibilities in helping their children through “homeschooling” at home and online. Teachers entered a new arena in using technology regularly to continue teaching their children through online classrooms.

New Social Distancing Protocols

New social distancing protocols were put into place to keep children, families, and teachers safer. Unfortunately, inconsistencies arose in a new way. Some children missed assignments; parent-teacher communications were ineffective in some cases. Some parents became overwhelmed with keeping up with it all and staying organized. Overall, all parties struggled in some way during this transition.

Learning IT Online Bridges the Gap

Learning IT Online is created to bridge the IT gap between Zoom and Google Classroom. A better user interface is needed to decrease the technical challenges faced by all using the two platforms during this time of transition.

The End Goal – Better User Experience

The end goal of Learning IT Online is to help students, teachers, parents, and administrators. A user application interface is being created to provide a better user experience for each party.

Benefits of the New Application

When the new application is complete, a friendly workspace will be offered to teachers, parents, children, and administrators. It will integrate well between Zoom and Google Classroom.

Teachers will have an easier way to add needed files online for students to access. Educators will also be able to communicate with each student and parent.
Learners will have the ability to access their class schedule, download assignments instantly, and click directly into their Zoom “online classes.” Parents will be able to see the “current status” of the projects of each of their children.

Meeting the Founders

Holland Whitten and Jim Connolly have come together to make a difference in the lives of educators, children, and their families. Both gentlemen are retired from Northrop Grumman Corporation and desire to make life easier for all involved in the online learning challenges. Each is giving back to the communities by offering their time and expertise at no cost.

Whitten and Connolly desire to have a working system before the end of the year. To learn more about the Learning IT Online initiative, please take a few moments to visit their Kickstarter Project page. And the Learning IT Online website is currently under development.

A Brighter Future Ahead

Students, teachers, and parents will hold a new way of learning via Learning IT Online. The learning environment will bring enhanced learning via the new user interface. Zoom and Google Classroom will work together more seamlessly – providing a better workspace for each party via Learning IT Online. Children, parents, educators, and administrators can look to a brighter future ahead!

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