Best Bongs of 2020

Bongs are one of the oldest and most popular ways tobacco enthusiast’s combust tobacco. Bongs have been used by us for much longer than the 1970’s when they started making a comeback, but have been known to be used since ancient times.

The great thing about a bong is that it’s portable, easy to handle and is an efficient way to consume tobacco. The main benefit of a bong is that usually hot smoke is cooled through the water before being inhaled and therefore provides a cooler smoother smoke.

Glass bongs are probably the most popular bongs on the market as they come in all different shapes, colors and designs. They are popular because they are easier to clean, glass is sanitary compared to other materials and if thick enough and careful enough they will last for a long time.

One of the limitations of glass bongs is that they do crack and you can’t afford that. So it’s always wise to keep your bong safe from being knocked over or away from your dog’s wagging their tails. Many people have been brought to their knees when finding out that their bong is cracked. Luckily bongs are not just made of glass, but many other materials. If you are prone to being clumsy, it might be wise to think about purchasing a silicone bong.

Nucleus – Silicone Oil Can Bong

One of my all-time favorites, easy to smoke and clean, this bong is stylish as it comes in many psychedelic colors from green to pink lemonade and Rasta. It’s made of food-grade silicone that has a melting point of Over 1200°F, so will not let you down in even the toughest of bong sessions. When you are done with your session, you just put the bong in your dishwasher and bobs your uncle, ready for the next day. The bong comes with the added bonus of having an ice catcher in its stem, so you can cool that smoke even more for a smoother smoke. Silicone is also a good material if you are clumsy as you will have a 2nd chance if you accidentally drop the bong.

The Aurora waterpipe

This bong is stylish and stealth. It can easily be hidden on your mantelpiece with a flower of tobacco in and no one except you will know that it’s just a minute away from smoking. Got your family and friends over every day, they won’t know what your favourite hobby is and think you are just a stylish person. Named after the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) the design is stylish and colorful. The bong is only 8 inches in height and easy to hold and inhale.

Nucleus – Classic 6-Arm Tree Perc Beaker

Nucleus is a new bong manufacturer out of New Jersey. They make quality products using quality glass. The thick borosilicate glass is light and strong so will give you many days of smoking pleasure. The large mouth design is epic and makes for a comfortable smoke, and the ice pinch with a few blocks of ice makes it an even smoother smoke. The tree percolator is a perfect choice for this beaker bong.

Grav Labs Beaker Bong with Ice Pinch

Made in Austin, Texas by well-known Grav Labs, this bong looks like it should be bubbling its magic in a laboratory. But it’s made for you, with a large base and sleek design, this bong won’t fall over easy and makes smoking a pleasure. This is the one of the smallest bongs in Grav Labs range and is 12 inches in height. They do make larger ones such as the 16 inch beaker bong.

Ronin Glass – “Horokubiya” Wig Wag UFO to Double Disc Perc Bong

Ronin Glass is based in New Jersey just like Nucleus. They are known for their craftsmanship and scientific bongs that are made with the idea of a Samurai style bong. A UFO percolator to a double disc perc this bong is sure to cool any smoke you throw at it. This straight 12 inch tube ensures the cooler smoke reaches your mouth in good time, coupled with the ice catcher you can’t find a bong with a smoother smoke.

Another Grav Labs piece because well…there one of the best at a fair price. They pride themselves on quality products and have some of the top glass blowing artists on their books. If you never have smoked a bong a bowl with the helix effect, you’re in for a real treat. This 9” beaker bong has a helix effect that swirls and cools the smoke at the same time. You can take huge rips with this thing because of the huge beaker base, cooled by water and the helix effect.

Headshophq – 4 Arm Tree Perc Beaker with Diffused Downstem

This bong comes with many percs and is good on the pocket. Headshophq’s own range of bongs, this classic design offers many benefits from a well designed glass bong. Offered in a variety of colors such as black, green, clear and blue, you cannot find a bong with a better draw. This is all to do with its unique design. Ice catcher, percolator and diffused downstem all add to a quality smoother smoke.

“The diffused downstem is a modern variation on the on the traditional single hole, the smoke is cooled, aerated allowing the user to take bigger tokes”

HeadshopHQ – Fritted Inset Barrel Perc Bong

OK, I was wrong. HeadshopHQ fritted inset Barrel Perc Bong comes with more percolators through the maze of quality glass than an office air-conditioner system. This bong is on my hot list and I can only imagine how smooth the smoke is with its array of specifically placed percolators. It also has a small space for ice. A flared mouth piece makes it easier to inhale as much aerated smoke easily and efficiently.

“Similar to diffusers, percolators allow the smoke to be aerated further. The percolators are usually cut using lazers or blown and provide multiple small holes breaking the smoke into smaller particles and therefore allowing a larger surface area of smoke to be cooled.”

UPC – 14″ Color Straight Tube

The well-known glass bong manufacturer UPC glass are based in California. Although keeping this bong as a simple design, it is made with precision and user experience in mind. Using 5mm thick premium borosilicate glass this bong will stand the test of time. A stylish design straight out Los Ganjales, California, it comes in a color-wrapped lip and base in either blue, green, black, amber, pink or purple.

Sesh Supply – Scylla Propeller Perc Beaker Bong

Probably the best percolating bong on the market. Manufactured in Savannah, Georgia, Sesh Supplies produces unique and high quality bongs for the tobacco smoker. I would say this is the most fun bong out there, but still simple in design. Use a black light to watch the illuminati color glow in the dark from the side of the bong and also watch the spinning effect of the smoke pull through the four blade propeller percolator. This bong is affordable and well with the money and especially fun to watch the spiralling smoke coming through the percolator.

This is a guide based on our best sellers, to help you buy a bong. You can dive a little deeper into our blog for more information or ask us anytime by email, chat or phone. Check out our bongs, bubblers and dab rigs.

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