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24 Hour Fitness

Join us and get fit! Free membership!!


Express yourself through art-making! We will draw, paint, collage, sculpt, photograph, make videos (& more!) with a focus on healing art for social change in our communities. Let’s DREAM, imagine, and create a better world together!

Asian Americans in Media

Watch and examine Asians in popular mainstream American media.

Basketball Highlights

Watch exciting highlights, mixes, games and documentaries. We will take a look at the history of the game and the role that African Americans have had in shaping it!

Book Club

Engage in meaningful discussions on student chosen books! Learn to use your voices, think about ideas and thoughts on the world, and also find others to share your thoughts with.


Choreograph and learn various dance moves!


Students will form teams each week, prepare evidence to back claims, and debate fun and also challenging topics.

Environmental Studies and Nature Documentary

Watch documentaries on various ecosystems and interesting species! Maybe make your own, locally focussed, environmental documentary!


Physical Education / Focus on Fitness


Learn about the plants around us and how to grow our own food. We also look at sustainable agriculture and environmental issues surrounding farming.

LGBTQ+ and Gender Studies

Study identities, achievements, history and media representation relating to LGBTQ issues and people.

Mamba Mentality

From sports psychology to real life documentaries, work out your strongest muscle, the mind.


Grow your Mandarin skills! Open to 6th graders who were in the bilingual class in elementary school and 7th graders who were in the class last year.

MLK Inside Edition

A news program centered around MLK middle School.

Music and Theatre

Singing, acting, and learning about the performing arts!

Nature Adventures

Do you think animals are awesome? We will appreciate nature videos, go on virtual field trips, and even investigate wildlife in our own community!

TV Time

90’s-2000’s Movies and TV shows you might not have seen. Disney and non-Disney shows!

Visual Storytelling

Drawing, designing and writing graphic novels, comics, photo books, zines and beyond!



Peer Resources

Do you like helping other students? Do you believe that Black Lives Matter? Join Peer Resources if you want to work with other students to make a change at MLK!

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