Announcement: Vapor Vanity has Acquired Headshop Headquarters

Hey, everyone!

I’m excited to announce that we at have acquired!

It’s a great site with a lot of high quality content that’s a perfect fit for what we cover and what our audience wants, and we’re making it even better right now. It’s got all of the gear that fits the cannabis lifestyle we already cover, and I’m personally excited because this is my first big acquisition as managing editor of Vapor Vanity!

So I really hope you’ll come check it out. We’re building new content plans as I type this out, and we can’t wait to share them!

If you’re here from check out some of our most popular content (and content we’re extremely proud of)!

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And here’s some of the great content you can now find on Vapor Vanity from HSHQ:

Best Bongs

Best Dab Rigs

Best Bubblers


Best Vaporizers

Dab Tool

And more!

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