Ameren Illinois receives award for there weather preparedness and safety

LINCOLN (WEEK)- Ameren Illinois provides service to 1.2 million customers. The company was recently awarded the “Ambassador of Excellence” for its quick response to weather events.

There are 11,000 government , non profit, education and private enterprises in the nation, and fewer than 100 of those organization receive the “Excellence” distinction.

National Weather Service Meteorologist, Chris Miller, was who nominated Ameren for the award.

“They proactively plan ahead of severe weather, ahead of ice storms, to preposition crews at time, so that the outage length, if there is going to be one, is kept to a minimum,” said Miller.

When a significant weather event is approaching, Ameren makes sure they have more than enough employees staffed.

“We got equipment, like storm trailers and such, that we can strategically position in an area. Especially, in an ice storm. We can already move trailers full of equipment in place, and then when the weather event hits and then passes we will already have the extra equipment in place,” said Ameren Communications Executive, Brad Bretsch.

Typically the award comes with a ceremony, but due to the pandemic, unfortunately, that will not be the case.

“We try to spread the word to get to encourage other businesses and other organizations to sign up for this, and to help us because we see that as a force multiplier to get the word out on weather safety,” said Miller.

With the winter season coming it is important to be prepared for outages.

“You want to have blankets, you want to have a list of your medications, you want to have some bottled water, you want to have some canned goods, you want a can opener,” said Bretsch.

This is the first time Ameren Illinois has received the “Ambassador of Excellence” award, and they are striving to make it an annual tradition.

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