Amazon to add 1000 warehouses, Apple Fitness+, Consumer spending slows, Kohl’s cuts 15% of …

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  1. Amazon plans to put around 1,000 new warehouses in suburban neighborhoods across the U.S. Story by Spencer Soper.
  2. Apple is launching a fitness subscription service called Fitness+ for under $80/year, and users can get three months free with the purchase of an Apple Watch. Reporting from Kirsten Korosec.
  3. U.S. consumer spending slowed in August, with a key retail sales gauge unexpectedly declining, as extended unemployment benefits were cut for millions of Americans. Coverage from Lucia Mutikani.
  4. Kohl’s to cut 15% of its corporate staff. Story by Ben Unglesbee.

Source: Amazon Plans to Put 1,000 Warehouses in Suburban Neighborhoods | Bloomberg

Source: Apple launches fitness subscription service for just under $80 a year | TechCrunch

Source: Fading fiscal stimulus restraining U.S. consumer spending | Reuters

Source: Kohl’s cuts 15% of corporate staff | Retail Dive

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