AEW Stars Reflect on Best Moments of Dynamite so Far and Top Goals for Year 2

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    This week will see All Elite Wrestling celebrate the one-year anniversary of Dynamite with some special festivities and several title matches.

    Best Friends will challenge FTR for the AEW World Tag Team Championship, Cody will defend the TNT title against Orange Cassidy, Hikaru Shida will put the Women’s Championship on the line against Big Swole, and Jon Moxley will face Lance Archer with the AEW world title on the line.

    We can also expect to see Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle celebrate with a little bit of the bubbly, while Miro and Kip Sabia will also be in action.

    The first year of Dynamite saw several new faces introduced to the mainstream wrestling audience. It was a mix of young stars with their careers ahead of them, indie scene mainstays and veterans who have been working with various promotions for years.

    Bleacher Report reached out to several AEW talents to get their thoughts on the first year of Dynamite and what their goals are for the next 12 months.

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    One of the many stars to get their first taste of fame on a national stage with AEW is Britt Baker. The real-life dentist began her run as a babyface but once she turned heel, she became one of the premier stars of the women’s division.

    Being a successful pro wrestler takes talent and determination, but it also takes a lot of time. Baker has managed to balance running her dental practice while also performing in the ring. When asked about her favorite moment from Dynamite’s first year, she singled out the show that took place in the same place where she became Dr. Baker.

    B/R: What was your favorite moment in Year 1?

    “Returning to Pittsburgh (Brittsburgh) for Dynamite was incredibly special. We wrestled in the arena directly beside the building where I spent four long years attending dental school. There were many times I spent pondering if I would ever actually succeed and become a dentist and/or a professional wrestler, or if I would fail at both.

    “Coming to the ring in a Steelers-themed lab coat, accompanied by the Steelers mascot and announced as Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. was a pinch-me moment. It was a beautiful reminder that my dedication to pursuing two very demanding careers is paying off.”

    B/R: What is your main goal in year 2?

    “I think we need a women’s champion who can serve as a role model to all. ‘Wink.'”

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    One of the most unique gimmicks in AEW belongs to Austin Matelson, who is known to fans as Luchasaurus.

    The masked star joined the company after previous TV experience as Vibora in Lucha Underground and a stint on Season 17 of Big Brother, but his initial debut on Dynamite was delayed by an injury.

    B/R: What was your favorite moment in Year 1?

    “My television debut was a special moment considering it was delayed by a freak injury that could have kept me out much longer. I was scheduled to debut in the tag tournament in Week 2 but suffered a last-minute hamstring injury that forced me to pull out of the match.

    “So when I was able to come back after only one month and return to save my teammates from The Dark Order, it was a very special accomplishment not only for myself but for all dinosaurs.”

    B/R: What is your main goal in Year 2?

    “This year, I’d like to push the tag team division to even greater heights. My team feels that after a year of building chemistry, we are prepared for longer, harder tag team battles and ultimately make a move to gain the tag titles.

    “I want to continue to push my limits physically and creatively in every match, always evolving my style and performance to deliver the very best to the AEW audience.”

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    Jungle Boy, aka Jack Perry, is one of many people who had a breakout year with AEW.

    He has been a big part of the tag team division but when asked about his favorite moment, he pointed out a singles match against a then-AEW world champion in December.

    B/R: What was your favorite moment in Year 1?

    “My personal favorite moment from the first year of Dynamite was my first match with Jericho. The 10-minute challenge. That was my first big moment, and my first singles match, and I felt like everything just came together in a really special way.

    “The match was awesome and taught me a lot, and I was able to have all my friends and family there supporting me.”

    B/R: What is your main goal in Year 2?

    “This next year, I’m looking to step my game up. I’ve had some big matches, but I’ve kind of come up short on a lot of them. I’d like to win some big ones and come up in the rankings. It’ll be a lot of work, but I know I’m up for it.”

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    In addition to having several rising stars, AEW also employs a lot of veterans who have worked around the world with a number of different promotions.

    Scorpio Sky has appeared for Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Impact Wrestling and MTV’s short-lived Wrestling Society X. He even had a memorable role on WWE television as Harold, a patient in Dr. Shelby’s anger-management class with Daniel Bryan and Kane.

    Sky has been a regular fixture on Dynamite and AEW Dark. Despite having tons of matches, his favorite moment from the first year was a verbal exchange with Chris Jericho.

    B/R: What was your favorite moment in Year One?

    “I definitely have to say my favorite moment was the time I went face-to-face with Chris Jericho on the microphone and tricked him into giving me a world title match the following week.

    “As someone who grew up a Jericho fan, it was special for me to stand across the ring from him. But going head-to-head with one of the greatest talkers in the business was a lot of fun and something I’ll never forget.”

    B/R: What is your main goal in Year 2?

    “My hope is we continue to put out a product the fans enjoy and to be a part of its continued success.”

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    Nyla Rose was the second AEW women’s champion and has been one of the most dominant forces inside the ring.

    She has had a lot of big moments since the company started, but the one that stands out most happened off-screen.

    B/R: What was your favorite moment in Year 1?

    “This is honestly one of the most difficult questions I’ve been asked in a long time! In just one year of television, not even counting the PPVs before we started our weekly programming on TNT, we’ve done so much as a company and made so many lasting memories and iconic moments that it’s hard to narrow it down to just one favorite.

    “Now, obviously having the debut show and getting a world title shot all in the same night, in my hometown no less, was a remarkable thing. And winning the title a few months later is definitely the top of my list. But if I have to narrow it down, I’d say getting signed and being afforded the opportunities to do all of these amazing, awesome things is gonna have to be my favorite moment.”

    B/R: What is your main goal in Year 2?

    “Selfishly, I’m hoping to continue to improve myself. Continuing to learn and grow myself as Nyla Rose, helping me evolve into the best possible version of myself so that someday we will be celebrating 30 years of Nyla Rose, but not just that.

    “If I’m continuing to improve and become my best, I can give my best to AEW and the fans. The women’s division and the product overall will grow as a result.”

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    When AEW first began, one of the first groups it established was The Dark Order.

    After a while, the stable seemed lost, but everything changed when Mr. Brodie Lee stepped in as The Exalted One.

    When asked about his favorite moment from Dynamite, Dark Order member Evil Uno could only pick one.

    B/R: What was your favorite moment in Year 1?

    “My personal favorite moment in AEW Dynamite history is Mr. Brodie Lee’s TNT Championship win.

    “Once all of it had played out, I knew it would be something special, something people will forever attach to AEW. I believe it’s one of the most exciting TV moments in wrestling history. A night I will never forget.”

    B/R: What is your main goal in Year 2?

    “I want to improve every facet of The Dark Order’s presence on the show. I want us to create even more moments. I want to make sure that years from now, they speak highly of Evil Uno, The Dark Order and All Elite Wrestling.”

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