C8 Corvette Family Photo

We are big fans of the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds YouTube Channel here at Muscle Cars and Trucks. They send a number of vehicles, from supercars to muscle cars, down an airport runway for the ultimate straight line speed testing outside of the unrestricted autobahn. We’ve already covered a recent video run with a heavily modified, C5 Corvette Z06 in the standing mile where it hit an impressive 212 mph. Now, the owner has been given the full 2.7 mile strip to take the Corvette to its top speed. Check out the impressive results:

The C5 Corvette Z06 is no slouch from the beginning. It was a massive step on for the Corvette in both speed and handling performance. To this day, it’s just as capable having fun on back roads as it is on the track, with a great chassis and 405 hp from the LS6 V8 engine.

But this Z06 has far, far more than the stock output. Thanks to a pair of turbochargers, output is boosted up to an insane 900 hp at the wheels, along with 850 lbs-ft of torque. Based on looks alone, it at least has carbon fiber rear fenders which help drop the weight to 3050 lbs. There also isn’t a visible exhaust coming out the rear, which means less weight and a truly insane noise while the car accelerates up to that 227.6 mph top speed.

C8 Corvette Family Photo
Eight generations of the Chevrolet Corvette

Speaking of acceleration, that’s also crazy. It has trouble putting power down off the line, but that’s to be expected in a 900 hp, rear wheel drive, lightweight Corvette with a manual gearbox. Based on the video, it looks like the driver can’t use much power until mid-way through fourth gear, where it hooks up and takes off through all of fifth. After this, it’s almost like it runs out of boost, the gearing is slightly off, or the aerodynamics let it down because the rate of acceleration in sixth above 180 mph slows noticeably. Still, that 120-160 mph run is absolutely wild, and it gets far above that milestone 200 mph.

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